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Specialized Training for Chemical Tanker

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Specialized Training for Chemical Tanker

Specialized Training for Chemical Tanker

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Scope : The course is conducted in accordance to the requirements of regulation V/1-2 paragraph 3 and section A-V/1, paragraph 2.2 of the STCW Code and is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.02.
This course provides training for Masters, chief engineer officers, chief mates, second engineer officers and any person with immediate responsibility for loading, unloading care in transit, handling of cargo, tank cleaning or other cargo related operations on oil tankers.

Objective : After successful completion of the course the trainees should have perform their duties for loading, unloading and care in transit or handling of cargo on oil tankers. They will make a safer and more effective contribution to the operation and control of the cargo on oil tanker, which will improve the ship safety and provide greater protection to the environment in particular.

Course content : 

  • Oil tanker design, systems and equipment.
  • Pump theory and characteristics.
  • Tanker safety culture and implementation of safety-management system.
  • Safety systems, including the emergency shutdown.
  • Loading, unloading, care and handling of cargo.
  • Effect of bulk liquid cargoes on trim, stability and structural integrity.
  • Oil cargo related operations.
  • Cargo-related operation plans, procedures and checklists.
  • Gas-detection systems, instruments and equipment.
  • Personnel with cargo-related responsibilities.
  • Physical and chemical properties of oil cargoes.
  • Hazards and control measures associated with oil tanker cargo operations.
  • Safe working practices.
  • Oil tanker emergency procedures.
  • Collision, grounding, or spillage.
  • Medical first aid procedures on board oil tankers.
  • Prevent pollution of the atmosphere and the environment.

Duration: 5 Days

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