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Shipboard Safety Officer Course

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Shipboard Safety Officer Course
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Shipboard Safety Officer Course

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The Shipboard Safety Officer Course stands as a pivotal training program designed for maritime professionals aspiring to take on the critical role of ensuring safety on board vessels. This comprehensive course is crafted to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and leadership capabilities necessary to establish and maintain a robust safety culture at sea.

At the heart of the Shipboard Safety Officer Course is a focus on safety management systems (SMS). Participants delve into the principles of SMS, gaining insights into risk assessment, incident investigation, and the development and implementation of effective safety policies. This foundational knowledge is instrumental for safety officers in proactively identifying potential hazards and mitigating risks on board.

Effective communication is a central theme throughout the course. Safety officers learn to convey safety procedures and policies clearly to the entire crew, fostering a culture of awareness and compliance. This emphasis on communication extends to emergency response, ensuring that safety officers can coordinate and direct crew members efficiently in critical situations, contributing to a swift and organized response.

The course also covers regulatory compliance, keeping participants abreast of the latest international maritime safety standards. This knowledge ensures that safety officers can navigate the complex landscape of maritime regulations, implementing and overseeing practices that align with industry requirements. Staying updated on compliance is crucial for mitigating legal risks and ensuring the vessel operates within the parameters of global safety standards.

Risk assessment and management are integral components of the Shipboard Safety Officer Course. Participants learn to conduct thorough risk assessments, identifying potential dangers and implementing preventive measures. This proactive approach is essential for maintaining a safe working environment and preventing accidents or incidents that could jeopardize the well-being of the crew and the vessel.

Leadership and teamwork are emphasized throughout the course, recognizing the pivotal role of safety officers in inspiring a safety-conscious mindset among the crew. Participants hone their leadership skills, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that encourages crew members to actively participate in maintaining a safe and secure shipboard environment.

The Shipboard Safety Officer Course is a cornerstone for maritime professionals aspiring to take on leadership roles in ensuring safety at sea. By focusing on SMS principles, effective communication, regulatory compliance, risk management, and leadership skills, this course equips safety officers with the comprehensive toolkit needed to establish and sustain a culture of safety on board vessels. Elevate your safety leadership skills with the Shipboard Safety Officer Course for a resilient and secure maritime career.

Scope  : Shipboard Safety officer training meets the requirements set out in the Code of Safe Working Practice for Merchant Seafarers (CoSWP) MCA-UK.The course addresses both accident prevention and accident investigation.

Objective : This Course Covers the relevant topics as evidenced in STCW Code Table A- II/2 and IMO Model Course 3.11 as follows.

Course content : 

  • Understand the duties of the SSO
  • Have considered the legal framework for safety
  • Understand the relationship between the ISM code,safety Mgnt. onboard ship
  • Have an overview of the ISM code
  • Have considered the causes of accidents
  • Understand the process and limitations of risk assessment
  • Understand the importance of appropriate interviewing technique
  • Understand the importance of appropriate interviewing technique
  • Understand factors influencing the effectiveness of safety committee meetings
  • Causes and effects of Loss
  • Safety Rules and Regulations
  • Occupational Hazards & Inspections
  • Safety talks, communicating the Safety message
  • Motivation, Job Pride Development & Behavior based safety
  • Safety Training observation program
  • Marine casualty or accident
  • Have considered the Accident prevention and accident investigation process

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite : 

  •  Passport, CDC, INDOS & COC
  • 2 passport size colored photographs

Note to client : After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.

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