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FURUNO FEA- 2107/FEA-2807 AND FURUNO FMD 3100/3200/3300

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FURUNO FEA- 2107/FEA-2807 AND FURUNO FMD 3100/3200/3300
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FURUNO FEA- 2107/FEA-2807 AND FURUNO FMD 3100/3200/3300

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The Furuno Type Specific ECDIS Training, or Electronic Chart Display and Information System Training, stands out as a specialized program designed for maritime professionals seeking proficiency in utilizing Furuno ECDIS technology. This course is tailored to provide comprehensive insights into the operation and optimization of Furuno Electronic Chart Systems, ensuring that navigators harness the full capabilities of this advanced navigation tool.

At the core of the training is a focus on enhancing participants’ familiarity with Furuno ECDIS interfaces. The course delves into the nuances of Furuno-specific features, functionalities, and operational procedures, allowing users to navigate through the system with confidence and precision. This in-depth understanding empowers maritime professionals to leverage the advanced capabilities of Furuno ECDIS for efficient and secure navigation.

Practical skills development is a key component of the Furuno Type Specific ECDIS Training. Participants engage in hands-on exercises and simulations, replicating real-world scenarios to enhance their ability to navigate, plan routes, and respond effectively to dynamic conditions using Furuno ECDIS technology. This practical approach ensures that users not only comprehend the theoretical aspects but also develop the proficiency needed for seamless navigation in diverse maritime environments.

The course also emphasizes compliance with international regulations governing the use of ECDIS systems. Participants gain insights into the latest standards and guidelines, ensuring that their navigation practices align with industry requirements. This focus on regulatory compliance is crucial for enhancing safety and minimizing the risk of navigational errors, contributing to the overall effectiveness of maritime operations.

Effective communication and teamwork in utilizing Furuno ECDIS are highlighted throughout the training. Participants learn how to collaborate seamlessly with other bridge team members, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making. The course instills a proactive approach to information sharing and communication, fostering a cohesive and coordinated bridge team environment.

Additionally, the Furuno Type Specific ECDIS Training covers system troubleshooting and routine maintenance. This knowledge ensures that maritime professionals are equipped to address potential technical issues promptly and conduct regular checks to maintain the reliability and performance of Furuno ECDIS systems.

The Furuno Type Specific ECDIS Training is a tailored program that equips maritime professionals with the specialized knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate efficiently using Furuno Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems. By focusing on Furuno-specific features, compliance with regulations, hands-on training, and fostering effective communication, this course ensures that participants maximize the benefits of Furuno ECDIS technology, contributing to safer and more efficient maritime navigation. Elevate your navigation skills with Furuno Type Specific ECDIS Training for a future-ready maritime career.

Course Objectives and Benefits : Furuno type Specific ECDIS Train Officers in charge of a navigational watch in the basic theory and operation of FURUNO “FMD” ECDIS (Models – FMD-3100, FMD-3200, FMD-3200-BB, FMD-3300) and FEA ECDIS (Model – FEA – 2107 / 2107BB / 2807) for maintaining the – Safety of navigation, – Familiarization/explanation of FURUNO ECDIS menus and – Familiarization/ explanation of General functions,- Practice in setting up and maintaining FURUNO “FMD” ECDIS, – Planning-monitoring a route and updating the charts.

Course Highlights :

  • Familiarisation with available functions.
  • familiarisation with the menu structure.
  • Display setup.
  • Setting safety value.
  • Route planning.
  • Route monitoring.
  • Recognition of alarm and malfunction.
  • Indicators and the actions to be taken.
  • Changing over to backup systems.
  • Loading and updating of charts and licenses.
  • Updating software.

The course is concluded with a compulsory test and, if passed, a certificate is issued. The certificate confirms the successful completion of the type specific ECDIS course.

Models Covered :

  • FEA-2107/2807 OR FMD-3100/3200/3300

Duration: 2 DAYS

Prerequisite : 

  • Generic IMO Model 1.27 Course.

Approved by :

  • Manufacture Type Approved.

Note to client : After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.

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