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Fast Rescue Boats / Craft

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Fast Rescue Boats / Craft
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Fast Rescue Boats / Craft

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The Fast Rescue Boats Craft Course is a vital training program designed to equip maritime professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to operate fast rescue boats efficiently and respond effectively during emergency situations at sea. This comprehensive course focuses on developing proficiency in handling fast rescue boats, ensuring the safety of both the rescue team and those in distress.
One of the key elements covered in the course is boat handling. Participants undergo hands-on training to master the techniques required to navigate fast rescue boats in various conditions, including rough seas and adverse weather. Emphasis is placed on developing precise maneuvering skills, enabling rescue teams to reach distressed individuals swiftly and safely.
The course also addresses essential rescue techniques. Participants learn to execute quick and effective rescue operations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining control of the boat while rescuing individuals from the water. Techniques for approaching vessels in distress, transferring personnel, and providing immediate assistance are practiced rigorously to ensure competence in real-life emergency scenarios.
Safety is paramount in the Fast Rescue Boats Craft Course, with a dedicated focus on risk assessment and mitigation. Participants are trained to identify potential hazards and respond proactively to ensure the safety of both the rescue team and those being rescued. This includes understanding the limitations of fast rescue boats and implementing safety protocols to minimize risks during operations.
Communication skills are honed throughout the course to facilitate effective coordination among rescue team members. Clear and concise communication is critical in emergency situations, and participants learn to use radio communication and other means to ensure seamless collaboration during rescue operations.
Furthermore, the course emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Participants practice working cohesively as a unit, recognizing and utilizing each team member’s strengths to enhance the overall efficiency of the rescue operation. This collaborative approach is essential for handling the dynamic and unpredictable nature of emergency situations at sea.
The Fast Rescue Boats Craft Course also covers maintenance and routine checks, ensuring that participants are well-versed in the proper care and operation of fast rescue boats. This knowledge is crucial for preventing technical issues that could compromise the effectiveness of rescue operations.
The Fast Rescue Boats Craft Course is a comprehensive training program that prepares maritime professionals for the challenges of operating fast rescue boats in emergency situations. By focusing on boat handling, rescue techniques, safety protocols, communication, and teamwork, this course ensures that participants are well-equipped to respond swiftly and effectively, potentially saving lives in critical situations at sea.


Scope : The course meets the requirements as recommended in FRB IMO course 1.24 as related to FRB in STCW section A-VI/2-1 & A-VI/2-2 of the STCW 2010 code.

Course content : 

  • Introduction to Rigid Hull Inflatable.
  • This course meets As per IMO 1.24
  • Rescue Boats.
  • Start up and Shut down of the Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat (FRB).
  • Basic High and Low Speed Operations.
  • Prevailing Sea and Weather Conditions.
  • Mechanical Systems and Trouble Shooting.
  • Heavy Weather Operations.
  • Open Water Rescue.
  • Swimming in Special Equipment.
  • Running alongside another vessel underway.
  • Ridding a sea painter.
  • Helicopter Hoists.
  • Stern and side towing.

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite : 

  • Passport, CDC, INDOS & COC
  • 2 Passport size colored photographs

Note to client : After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.

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