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ECDIS Training Courses in Navi Mumbai

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ECDIS Training Courses in Navi Mumbai
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ECDIS Training Courses in Navi Mumbai

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ECDIS Training Courses in Navi Mumbai

In Belapur, Navi Mumbai, our ECDIS Training Courses are created by sailors for seafarers. Our trainers are experienced professionals who have worked as sailors in the real world and are well versed in using various ECDIS systems. Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS Training Courses): We offer top-notch instruction and the best guidelines for using the ECDIS for route monitoring and passage planning. Training programs offered at Belapur Navi Mumbai’s Aims Institute of Maritime Studies.

It is meant for those who are responsible for keeping a navigational watch, as well as for seasoned nautical officials and other individuals with responsibilities related to navigation. The course provides students with clear information on the benefits and effective usage of the ECDIS. The course design and guidelines are determined by the capable position’s present guidelines, which are subject to periodic modification by the equipped power. We absolutely must occasionally shed light on something extremely similar.

A course called ECDIS Training is designed for candidates who have finished the non-exclusive ECDIS course. The preparation is intended for candidates looking for gear-related preparation. The officers in charge of a navigational watch are the target audience for the course. In the unlikely event that you are a seasoned official or oversee navigational duties, you may also take the course. Sort-Specific There are two distinct portions to the ECDIS training. It contains introductions meant to familiarize the learner with the menu structure. It also contains helpful exercises related to understanding ECDIS equipment. Our reach is wide at the Aims Institute of Maritime Studies. At our reputable institute, we provide the ECDIS course modules.

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