Course code: RSCCC                                                                                                                                                                         Fees : ₹ 6,500 / USD $ 95

Scope : This course is as per requirements under MLC 2006 regulation 3.2- Food & Catering Training Course, which covers practical cookery, food and personal hygiene, food storage, environmental protection catering health and safety.

Objective : Aims Institue of Maritime Studies is an ISO approved by Indian Register of Shipping.
Ships Cook Training program is approved and accepted by Liberia Maritime Authority, Marshall Islands Maritime Affairs, Singapore Maritime (MPA), Malta Flag Administration, Tuvalu Ship Registry, Isle of Man and Vanuatu Maritime Authority..

Course content : 

  • Introduction to Indian/Continental/Filipino/Italian/Bakery Cuisines.
  • Practical Indian/Continental/Filipino/Italian/Bakery Cuisines.
  • Introduction to Food Safety & Hygiene.
  • Impact of Food-Borne Illness.
  • Understanding Food Law.
  • Food Safety Hazards and Contamination.
  • Food Preservation, Storage and Temperature Control.
  • Personal Hygiene.
  • Galley Safety.
  • Menu Preparation.
  • Stock Control.
  • Healthier Foods and Special Diets.
  • Cultural and Religious Catering Requirement.

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite : 

  • Passport, CDC, INDOS & COC
  • 2 Passport size colored photographs

Note to client : After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.