Course code: PSCRB                                                               

Scope : Proficency in survival craft course has been designed to meet the requirements of STCW section A-V1/2 and is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.23.
Course is open to all seafarers who are designated to take charge of different types of survival craft.

Objective : After successful completion of Proficency in survival craft course the trainee will be able to demonstrate competency to launch lifeboat in heavy weather, abandon ship drill procedures and scenarios.

Course content : 

  • Introduction and safety.
  • General.
  • Abandon ship.
  • Survival craft and rescue boats.
  • Launching arrangements.
  • Evacuation and recovery of survival craft and rescue boats.
  • Actions to take when clear of the ship.
  • Lifeboat engine and accessories.
  • Rescue boat outboard engine.
  • Handling survival craft and rescue boats in rough weather.
  • Actions to take when aboard a survival craft.
  • Methods of helicopter rescue.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Radio equipment.
  • First aid.
  • Drills in launching and recovering boats.
  • Drills in launching liferafts.
  • Drills in launching and recovering rescue boats.
  • Practical exercises and evaluation.

Duration: 28 hours

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