Fees : ₹ 2,500 / USD $ 35

Scope : The course has been designed to meet the requirements of STCW 2010 section A-V/2, A-V/3 and is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.29

Objective : The aim of the course is to increase awareness of persons responsible for the safety of passengers in an emergency situation with particular reference.

Course content : 

  • Proficiency in Crowd & Crisis Management with Human Behaviour & Passenger Safety.
  • Shipboard emergency procedures.
  • The optimum use of resources.
  • A controlled response to emergencies.
  • The control of passengers and other personnel during emergency situation and establishment and maintenance of effective communications.
  • Dealing with Crowd in emergencies and correct procedures.

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite : 

  •  Passport, CDC, INDOS & COC
  • 2 Passport size colored photographs

Note to client : After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.