Course code: ERRM                                                                                                                                                                        Fees : ₹ 10,000 / USD $ 145

Scope : The course is built on IMO Model course 2.07 “Engine room simulator”.This course fullfills the training requirements for competencies stated in STCW 2010 A-III/I ( Manila amendments) part A of STCW Code 2010 and Regulation III/I,Section A-III/I, Table A – III/1.and A&B-VIII/2

Course content : 

  • The system approch.
  • Safety of operations.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Co – operation and teamwork.
  • Situational awareness management.
  • Decision – making.
  • Human factors and human error.
  • Crisis management and human behaviour.
  • Risk assessment and risk management.
  • Leadership and workload management.
  • Identification of an breaking error chains.
  • Efficient use of resources and delegation.
  • Communications.
  • Planning and prioritizing.
  • Identification of cause of problem and timely correct response.
  • Methodical and logical approach to fault diagnosis and problem solving.
  • Identification and justification of ‘assumptions’.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Contingency planning.

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisite : 

  • Identification card or passport or CDC or INDOS or COC
  • 2 passport size colored photographs

Note to client : After successful completion of the course, adopted knowledge on causes of fire on board ships, types of fire on board, what are the steps to be done when there is fire inside engine room, types of emergency on board ship and examination candidates will receive a Refresher Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course certificate